RPJ3 Group don’t take a combative approach to non-core service contracts, we look to identify areas for improvement with a fresh pair of eyes. We're consultants, so we 'consult'...with you, your people and the contractor. This way no one gets the 'raw end of the deal' and all parties are satisfied.

Successful Contract Management Consultancy involves three distinct parties: the Client (you), the Customer (the end user), and the Contractor (the services provider).

Unfortunately, many consultancies only focus on one party, regarding the rest as un-important. And that's why we at RPJ3 Group are different from the rest. We are totally commited to bringing fair improvements to all three 'stakeholders' - 'Client, Customer and Contractor'.

This in turn means that RPJ3 Group negotiated contracts have longevity based on sound commercial and qualitative success for all three stakeholders.

The result? You benefit from considerable cost savings, while delivering a first class service to the end user.

We can help you capitalise on strengths and eradicate weaknesses in order to produce savings in the following ways:

Full management of the tender process

Preparation of bespoke specifications

Best value evaluations

Monitoring and auditing of tenders

Contract audits

Management of External to In-house provision

All of our existing clients find that the financial and qualitative benefits of using the RPJ3 Group are substantial.
We'd like you to enjoy these benefits too. Why not give us a call?